Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the last topic I will relate Self Realization to. Sacred Geometry is similar to fractals yet has a much different approach. With Sacred Geometry it is the realization of fractals and other geometric patterns that go back to ancient civilizations and prehistoric times. When you look at pyramids themselves, those are geometric patterns and sacred geometry is the ancient ways passed down by past civilizations through hieroglyphs. Not only those but on obelisks, and other places, throughout the entire world, all of these exist. What makes it even better is that the location of all these places that are also labeled as sacred,insignificant, or holy depending on the people, from the perspective of the universe they are all a pattern themselves. This means the patterns are on a geometric grid all aligned to form a fractal pattern. This is how it all connects to being apart of this system.

Fractal consciousness and meditation are also connected. Fractals are infinite repeating patterns of themselves. Fractals are an infinite sequence that makes up and is in all walks of life itself. Universally, if you look at a milky way the way it spirals could be termed as a fractal. Fractals are also the shapes of trees and branches. It is also geometric but in a new form. The forms of fractals are applied to all life but still remain the same pattern with different places and things. Just remember that you are apart of this as an individual consciously or not.

Self Realization Check Up

After taking the weekend lightly and going to a place with active energy, i was able to manifest a good amount of meditation. I was able to meditate for a long time. With this opportunity i felt way better and figured out numerous ways of how to cross the obstacles I currently faced. The benefit of meditation is that you can repel the problems and withdraw the solutions to these problems. This allows you to almost see what options you have to face what you might be up against.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Self Realization

Realizing oneself is all in perception. With Self Realization and this blog I have started, I talk about being conscious of oneself and how you effect your surroundings and how they effect you. The diversity in people and how they view reality depends on each other. We are all connected in one way or another. With self realization you simply embrace and attempt to comprehend to the full extent what you can do to be a benefactor for everybody. Self realization happens with many people famous, not famous, rich, poor, and it goes on and on. This also reimburses how diversity is important because it gives everybody a reason to realize what they have and to come together with what they have. In self realization you can build yourself a certainty of what you can do for the world and how your actions can have a big magnitude just like anybody else, famous , rich, poor; it doesn't matter. At the end of the day many people have been subconsciously and consciously realizing who they are or where they want to be. By setting goals you can make yourself a better person and obtain these goals and positively impact the people around you and the world.