Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the last topic I will relate Self Realization to. Sacred Geometry is similar to fractals yet has a much different approach. With Sacred Geometry it is the realization of fractals and other geometric patterns that go back to ancient civilizations and prehistoric times. When you look at pyramids themselves, those are geometric patterns and sacred geometry is the ancient ways passed down by past civilizations through hieroglyphs. Not only those but on obelisks, and other places, throughout the entire world, all of these exist. What makes it even better is that the location of all these places that are also labeled as sacred,insignificant, or holy depending on the people, from the perspective of the universe they are all a pattern themselves. This means the patterns are on a geometric grid all aligned to form a fractal pattern. This is how it all connects to being apart of this system.

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